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About Strategic Conversations

We all know that “two heads are better than one,” but how about when 6 or 8 of them are focused on your professional priorities? Imagine being able to regularly tap into the creative power of a dynamic group of people who know what’s important to you!

Welcome to the world of STRATEGIC CONVERSATIONS, a growing phenomena among leaders around the world for:

  • Problem Solving
  • Inspiration
  • Motivation

The Power of Synergy

For years we have seen examples of people gathering together informally to share information, experiences, successful strategies, etc. While these informal gatherings are generally helpful, they are inconsistent in delivering practical results to those involved. Why? What’s missing?

The ingredients of professional guidance and structure. Fortunately now, that inconsistency is a thing of the past. Our collective experience of over 100 years of personal and organizational effectiveness has enabled us to develop a group structure that delivers real value that will impact both you and your bottom line!

Begin With the End in Mind

We will help you formalize the process of strategic interactions to leverage the power of group dynamics among a selected group of your peer – with the help of an experienced coach/facilitator to get you started.

Our mission is to help you develop a framework for productive meetings; create a system for managing the ongoing process along with the skills required to continue meeting regularly. Once your group has integrated the skills and process involved, you are able to go it alone.

Productivity Does Not Require Proximity

In fact, it often impedes it. For maximum effectiveness, the groups meets regularly via teleconference. Benefits to this arrangement include:

  • No traveling to the meetings
  • Minimal interruption of the workday
  • Scheduling flexibility

Shared Interests

Groups are formed around individuals with shared interests, common experience, similar challenges. The structure and process enables individuals to quickly relate to one another, establishing a bond that creates a community of common interests – the most productive atmosphere for idea, insight, and experience exchange.

Your ongoing success is our goal. The creation of your self-directed strategic group is our objective. A self-managed process for sustainable productivity is the member’s goal.

Contact us today to begin the journey of Strategic Conversations.


Henry Barbey
The New York Center for Coaching, Inc.

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