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You were re-directed to this page after you confirmed your desire to participate in the Strategic Conversations video series. We wanted to provide you with a brief overview of the topics we’ll be presenting over the next three weeks and so you could become familiar with our web site, where the video recordings and other resources are located.

The page where each video is located will contain links to additional information and resources relevant to the subject being discussed. You will want to bookmark the video pages - you will be referring to them often.

1.) Strategic Conversations and it Ancestors
By way of putting Strategic Conversations in context Henry will briefly describe the tried and true process that individuals have been using for over a century to get the greatest results for their business. He will discuss how this time tested process will help you identify what’s important to you and your company and how your peers can help you achieve it.

2.) Inviting the Right People
A key element of a winning organization is the “chemistry” that results for the unique combination of individuals assembled. Henry will show you how to isolate into groups those people you believe will help get your group off and running. Putting the right people together for long term interdependent strategy creation and execution is an art as well as a science.

3.) Conducting the Information Call
Knowing in your mind who the “right” people you’d like to have in your first Strategic Conversations group is one thing. Inviting them in a way that encourages them to take the leap of faith - that the time they invest will be time well spent is another thing indeed.

4.) The Interactive Group Process
The most effective groups are those comprised of peers, where each has relevant insights and experiences to offer. The Strategic Conversations model connects them via an agenda that insures participation and input from everyone. The objective is to enhance each members capabilities for developing and implementing strategies that move them toward their goals.

5.) Rotating Leadership & Responsibility
The Strategic Conversations agenda creates a framework for discussion. Putting the agenda in motion requires an atmosphere is shared stewardship for the process. As co-equal partners members take turns with the various organizational and participation roles, so the process moves smoothly and time effectively for everyone.

6.) 21st Century Technology and Tools
A vital benefit of being connected to your peers is having access to them when you need them. In this video Henry will share with you simply tools (teleconference services, recordings of meetings, private online bulletin boards, email,, etc.) that keep each other in the loop - so the conversation never ends, even though your formal meetings take place twice a month.

7.) Long-Term Success
As you know by now, our objective is to help you use Strategic Conversations to build your capacity for making the right decisions in your business. Taking the peer group process to the next level by periodically surveying your members to develop focused content, setting longer range individual and group goals, managing rotating membership, and professional facilitation options will be discussed.

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