"Proven Strategies To Increase Your Business Success"

Benefit From The Wisdom Of Others
And Leverage The Power
Of Small Group Dynamics

  • Increase personal and business productivity
  • Reduce unproductive activities to a minimum
  • Eliminate the feeling of isolation

The #1 problem business owners and executives face today - making decisions with confidence.

Important decisions are made every day. And with each decision, a virtual cascade of results is set into motion. These decisions must be clear and sound.

“Analysis of over twenty-five thousand men and women who had experienced failure disclosed the fact that lack of decision was near the head of the list of the thirty-one major causes of failure.”  - Napoleon Hill, Think & Grow Rich

Leaders creating the most powerful results in their business and life make clear and sound decisions after collaborating with their group of trusted colleagues. These top executives surround themselves with other capable minds.

When leaders make decisions without.....a sounding board.......access to the relevant experiences of their contemporaries......support from colleagues whose opinions and feedback they trust......., they sacrifice optimal performance, efficiency, and perspective that could avoid negative and time consuming consequences. But most business owners don't know who they can trust or turn to.

  • They are isolated with no one around they can trust
  • Everyone seems to have their own agenda - their own ax to grind.
  • They are frustrated by being so out of control, with no end in sight
  • The things they don't know keep growing and the things they know for sure keep diminishing.

Strategic Conversations provide a proven process and framework for effectively dealing with each of these situations. Think of Strategic Conversations as a virtual think-tank of trusted and valued peers that provides you with the opportunity to exchange and share ideas and experiences so you can get on the fast track to your success.

-- See possibilities that you might otherwise be missing
-- Feel supercharged to go back and do what needs to be done
-- Continued support of others you respect and admire
-- Sounding board of your peers: objectivity/perspective
-- Expand Your Resources - learn what others are doing
-- Prioritize - ROI focus and perspective allows you to see most important tasks
-- Raise the level of accountability - make promises to yourself and actually keep them

Think about the last time you faced a problem or were about to make a decision for the first time. Who did you turn to and confide in? Who did you trust in confidence for unbiased feedback, support and perspective?

Wouldn't it be great if there were people available to you right now, this very minute? And you knew how to create and maintain strategic conversations with them.

Strategic Conversations allow you to begin to understand and integrate 5 simple keys to have powerful conversations. You will learn how you can shift conversations in the future so all your business interactions will take place in a new way.

Strategic Conversations help you create a virtual "think-tank" of trusted and valued peers who provide you with the opportunity to exchange and share ideas and experiences immediately. Once you have internalized the process you can turn every interaction from chit-chat into a strategic conversation.

Strategic Conversations can be used to manage every personal and business interactionn you will ever have! Period. While we are presenting them in a business context, I personally use the process to achieve maximum effectiveness - making every conversation strategic.

Once you understand and integrate the Five Keys to Strategic Conversations, comprised of simple straightforward concepts for having powerful conversations, you'll know how you can focus conversations so all your future interactions will take place in a new way.

You'll learn how to flesh out ideas and build consensus. We'll show you how to effectively communicate from problem to solution to results - getting valuable feedback from your peers so the right decisions can be executed quickly.

The Five Keys to Strategic Conversations, a free research document created from over two decades of personal research and experimentation, outlines the universal principles we can all use for more effective decision making - in our business and personal lives.

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