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The free video series was created to provide you with, step by step by step, everything you need in order to leverage the power of your peers - to create a dynamic strategy group for testing your ideas and benefiting from the experiences of others.

After you complete the 21 day video series you will be invited to join our community where you can connect with us and take advantage of our existing and future resources to realize your organization’s full potential.

Members receive:

Immediate Access to Our Archives
In the archives you will find audios recorded live - interviews with thought leaders, presentations by experts, and recordings of discussions around specific tools and techniques for getting the most from the Strategic Conversations process. As well as in depth descriptions; setting your group’s policies and procedures, getting even more out of technology to manage your group, Strategic Conversations in action articles from Main Street, and more.

Advanced Strategies via Email
While the free video series provides everything you will ever need to know about starting and managing your peer to peer collaboration group, we have been asked to specifically describe how the process can be used in strategic planning, leadership development, competitive intelligence gathering, and marketing your business - among others. Members receive emails, every other week for six months to provide a much deeper understanding of how the process can be used to impact specific areas of your business.

Members Only Interactive Conference Calls
We will continue to interview experts and thought leaders and you are invited. These interactive online events are recorded and the audios are added to the archives for re-listening, along with the recordings of events that took place before your joined. At regular intervals members are invited to “open” calls - where the creators of the Strategic Conversations process are on the phone ready to answer your questions and help you address any issues you may be having in making the most of the process.

    A membership invitation is emailed a few days after an individual completes the free video series. In order for these advanced and more in depth strategies to be of real and lasting value - understanding the basics is critical, in no event will anyone be admitted into membership until after the 21 day series is complete.There is a very modest one time fee to cover our support costs and to demonstrate an individual’s commitment to the process.
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